LLC "DomInvestStroy" - a company that engaged in supplying the convoluted steel tubes.

DomInvestStroy makes supplies to Ukrainian market, convoluted tube from stainless steel. The world leader in manufacturing stainless flexible tubes is plant DISPIPE). Convoluted tubes from DISPIPE stainless steel developed in Japan fifteen years ago and successfully were demand in the construction of pipelines of different characteristics. Products are certified and recognized around the world as: Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Japan, China and other Asian countries.

More than eight years ago, convoluted tubes from stainless steel first used in Russia. Since then DISPIPE products are in great demand among the population of private residential sites and the construction of large-scale projects. Convoluted tube easily install, connected with brass fittings. Convoluted stainless tube will serve a long time at home life.

Pipelines DISPIPE can be used in the construction of major projects, the renovation of old tubes in homes. Advantages of convoluted tubes of stainless steel is that during installation is available welding - it facilitates the work. The convoluted tubes from stainless established independently, without a qualified installer. To collect the tube of any complexity can everyone in some minutes. The convoluted tubes DISPIPE connect to a fitting coupling very easily, without requiring additional "pull."

The convoluted tubes from stainless steel - durable and do not need regular maintenance. With this flexibility, you can hold the pipeline in concrete screed. DomInvestStroy - is the best company to supply convoluted stainless steel tubes.